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    Anyone who has extensively remodeled their home knows the value of getting three or more quotes for the work. It's an expensive project, and you're dealing with one of your most valued possessions-you want to get it right.

    Vehicle shipping is no different. Not only is your vehicle an expensive, valued possession, but you will soon find that the quality of vehicle relocation companies widely varies. So, it is important to firmly "nail down" this part of the relocation process.

    No Less Than Three Quotes

    Individuals or companies wishing to ship a vehicle without obtaining a minimum of 3 quotes are doing themselves a grave disservice. First, anyone who has had experience with getting multiple quotes is often surprised at how far apart the high and low bids are-often dramatically so.

    But almost more important than the cost: vehicle shipping quotes include factors other than money issues to help you decide. Quotes include the various services that the company may provide, as well as giving you information about the reputation of the auto transport company itself.

    Consider the Safety Issues

    Getting multiple auto shipping quotes allows you to compare safety issues, as well. While nearly all companies will claim to provide maximum security for your vehicle, the only way you can really know is to do some side research yourself. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides a database of vehicle transport company statistics here:

    Demand to See Total Cost

    Auto transportation quotes can be confusing. They might be broken up to show fees for certain options, such as door-to-door transport as opposed to the (usually) less expensive terminal-to-terminal choice.

    Have you ever shopped for an airfare-and then have been disappointed when the cost rises $100 or more due to special fees? Vehicle shipping quotes are often laden with such special fees. Untrustworthy vehicle shippers attempt to hide such fees. Understand that no shipper will ever give you a quote without expressing a variety of fees. These fees, after all, represent different levels of service you may be interested in and thus more choices. But the reputable vehicle shippers will lay out all the fees in the open.

    And whatever you do, always ask to see the total cost.

    Payment Options May Influence Quote

    When searching for vehicle shipping quotes, also pay attention to the various payment options required by the transporter. Do they require full payment in advance? Do they require 10-25% upfront, with the remainder due on delivery? You will find that typically some type of advance payment is required, and that often vehicle shippers may even charge a small amount if you choose to use a credit card.

    What are the Guarantees?

    Auto transport companies can usually guarantee a pick-up date. After all, even if the carrier isn't departing immediately, the company can store the vehicle at a yard or the terminal until departure. But no auto transport company can absolutely guarantee the date when your vehicle will arrive at its end point. Due to changing factors such as weather, road conditions, driver reliability, and other factors, drop dates can be quite "flexible." However, one thing to look for is clauses specifying whether the auto transport company will provide a rental car for late drop-offs or provide some type of monetary compensation.

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